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Enhanced Printing At No Extra Cost - TM Series Software

Canon has made using the TM Series printers that much smoother by adding free and complete support software, making the whole experience of printing for CAD drawings and poster applications easy. The document below has been put together to help you better understand the capabilities of the TM series software that is on offer. This includes all of the software features that come with the TM series without the price tag, support for common layout designs in multiple languages and much easier cost management.

1) Fantastic software features without the price

All TM-Series large format printers come with free software features which will help to control the cost and security whilst also improving your outputs.

2) Fast and Easy Printing

Canon understands that their customers working in AEC and retail environments will constantly be busy requiring a need for speed. To make printing more rapid and straightforward, the direct print and share feature has been added. This allows users to print multiple items without the need for their dedicated application. The 5 hot folders allow for the automatic printing of regular print jobs. The Quick Utility Toolbox can also be utilised to help reach the functions you need quickly and easily.

3) Common Layout Designs can be utilised in multiple languages

An incredibly valuable feature is the Free Layout Plus cloud-based plugin for Office. Microsoft Office files can be turned into large-format documents for posters and bulletins. The Easy-PhotoPrint Editor can be used on both Windows and Mac devices making it useful for everyone. The editor helps you to create posters, calendars and more.

The multilingual feature incorporates multiple languages when creating posters and includes a common phrase glossary.

Finally, templates and imagery for the creation of professional looking posters are made easy by using PosterArtist Lite. Singular poster-sized designs can be combined using the tiling feature, turning them into large format prints.

4) Cost Management Made Easy

When it comes down to the print job data, the calculations for the costs of various supplies for each job is simplified using the Canon Account Manager, helping users to make their operation more cost-effective and streamline by analysing which areas could be saved on. The Account Manager uses time periods, users and departments to centralise the cost of print management.

This handy video will help users to understand the Canon Account Manager more effectively -

Feel free to use the document to make your experience with the TM Series printers that much easier!

Enhance Printing At No Extra Cost 

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