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Don’t limit yourself to printing in A3 – Go bigger

Epson SC-T2100 for a wide range of print types

If you need to print plans. drawings, maps, or posters, you might think that A3 is the largest size you can get.  But what if you want to go bigger than A3?  That’s where the Epson SC-T2100 comes in.  This neat little printer can handle paper sizes up to 24 inches wide, equivalent to A1.  That means you can print four times bigger than A3!


SC-T2100 on cabinet near Apple Mac workspace - Print bigger than A3 with the Epson SC-T2100


Epson SC-T2100 for a all environments

The SC-T2100 is a wonderfully versatile machine, suitable for professionals who want to produce accurate and detailed prints.  It’s great for architects, engineers, designers, and educators alike. Anyone needing the versatility of in-house printing.  It has a sleek and compact design that fits stylishly into any office space and is incredibly easy to use and to maintain.  You can connect it to your computer via USB, Wi-Fi, or ethernet, and use the intuitive touchscreen to control the settings with ease.

Epson SC-T2100 for smart printing

You can also print from your smartphone or tablet using the Epson iPrint app.  The SC-T2100 uses UltraChrome XD2 pigment ink, which delivers vibrant colours and sharp, crisp lines.  The ink is water-resistant and smudge-proof, so you don’t have to worry about your prints getting damaged when left out in an unexpected rain shower. A big possibility in the UK!

Epson SC-T2100 for a all media

The SC-T2100 supports ample media types, such as plain paper, coated paper, satin and gloss photo papers, and more.  Whether you need to print a plan, presentation, or poster, the SC-T2100 can handle it effortlessly and give you the stunning results you need to make an impact.


A picture of an SC-T2100 next to a PC on a desk - Print bigger than A3 with the Epson SC-T2100


So don’t limit yourself to A3.  Think bigger and print bigger!  Use the Epson SC-T2100 for all your large-format printing needs.


Click HERE to to VIEW or BUY the SC-T2100 or call the experts in the GDS Sales Team on 01625 613548 to talk more about how this great little device can improve your workflow.

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