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GDS | Graphic Design Supplies are a Canon Gold Partner

Here at GDS we pride ourselves in listening to your printing requirements and help you to pick the best large format printer model for your individual needs.

Canon Gold Partner 2018 - Come and See

Canon’s range of large format inkjet printers is huge. There are actually over 30 printer models which can be confusing when trying to decide on the right printer. That’s where GDS will help; for years we have been working closely with Canon to understand the features of each model and clearly explain the benefits to you.

With over 400 large format printers sold every year, we’ve covered pretty much every possible request, from printing CAD line drawings to bespoke wallpaper coverings and wrapping paper. We never say never at GDS, so if you have any wonderful ideas for print then we’re here to help you find the right solution.

Canon offer a range of Printers dedicated to providing solutions in a broad range of sectors;

All of the printers in the Canon line-up utilise Pigment Inks, which means that all work printed is long lasting and water resistant. Even the printers in the CAD range will print beautiful in house posters and plans that are durable enough to go out on-site.

The Canon TM-Series is aimed at the corporate, construction & engineering, retail, education and government sectors, enabling them to produce longer lasting drawings, maps and posters.

The Canon TX-Series was created to satisfy needs in the high-end CAD and entry-level LED plotter markets. These printers are aimed at higher volume production for the most demanding of offices.

The Canon PRO-Series is made up of 8 colour or 12 colour printers. These printers offer the ultimate in graphics quality. The 8 colour printers are aimed at volume poster printers, graphic arts, advertising and creative sectors. The 12 colour PRO-Series printers offer an expanded gamut and are perfect for photographers and those printing Fine Art and for Galleries.

Canon PRO-Series Printer Line Up

What we really love about the Canon range of large format printers is the amount of extras you get in the box. When you buy a Canon you also get access to a great deal of additional software including accounting tools to keep track of ink and paper costs, print layout tools to avoid wasting paper and even a design package to enable you to easily design and print banners and posters.

In addition, the starter ink set with each Canon is unmatched by the competition, giving you many more prints before having to order your first replacement cartridge.

But it’s not just about the printers – here at GDS we stock hundreds of different papers from traditional CAD plotter paper to high quality photographic grades. In addition, we stock a full range of poster papers and films for point of sale applications and specialist canvas and fine art products too. All are designed to work with the complete Canon range.

January 2017 saw GDS become an Accredited Select Partner in all 3 ranges of Canon wide format hardware (Photo, Graphics & CAD), making us perfectly positioned to supply Canon’s entire imagePROGRAF range with the backup, support and knowledge that our customers need and expect. We continue to hold this accolade to the present day, although Canon have since changed the structure of their Partner Programme. Now we are known as a Canon Gold Partner in the Graphic Arts, Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing sectors. This is testament to our ongoing commitment to our customers, a demonstrated level of expertise in the Canon range and our strong belief in the quality of Canon’s printer line up.

GDS | Graphic Design Supplies are a Canon Select Partner

We aim to build long term partnerships with our customers following the installation of any new printer, giving them advice on printing, support with technical issues, access to essential express delivery on all supplies and offering expertise on all aspects of their printing and finishing. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and friendly support, no matter how small the purchase or how simple the question may be.


“Graphic Design Supplies focus to developing its knowledge on Canon wide format products awarded them all three Canon Accreditations in 2017. Their high level of experience in CAD, Graphics and Photography printing enables GDS to really add value to their customers and we thank them for their continued commitment to Canon.” 

– Matt Reid-Jones, Canon UK Wide Format Group

The large format showroom based in our office in Cheshire, gives our customers access to the latest Canon printers. Once we have quickly narrowed the options for customers choosing their new printer or MFP, we can invite them for a ‘hands on’ demonstration, which makes the process of buying a large format printer less overwhelming and gives buyers the confidence in the model they are choosing.


“Working with Canon is a pleasure and we absolutely love the Canon printers for their build quality, functionality and print results. They are truly stunning and the PRO-2000 we have installed here is simply unbeatable in photographic output. Canon is committed to developing and building the very highest quality models and we are always proud to show them off. We never stop learning from using them here everyday in our showroom and answering print questions.” 

– Kate Walker, Graphic Design Supplies Ltd

GDS – The Helpful Large Format Print Experts

Canon Large Format Printer Ranges

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