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6 September 2021
Canon Launch GP Series Printers

Need posters and signs with gorgeous, eye-popping colours that shout “Look at me!”? Or perhaps you’re printing fine art or pop-art that only long-lasting, vivid colour can do justice? Or maybe vibrantly coloured wrapping paper is your thing? If so, this could be right up your street! This week Canon proudly launched the new imagePROGRAF […]

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9 February 2021
Our Canon Gold Partnership Continues into 2021

We are tremendously proud to announce that our Gold Partner status with Canon will be continuing for another year. GDS has always had a long-lasting alliance with Canon which has been built on over 20 years of trust. We are focused on creating and maintaining this level of trust and loyalty with our own customers […]

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26 January 2021
The Canon TM Series Printers

The Canon TM-Series printers are still the best around, producing fantastic prints every time! The ground-breaking TM-200/205 (24") and TM-300/305 (36") utilise the amazing new Pigment TD inks and PF-06 print-head to produce great quality, high-resolution prints using UV stable, water-resistant inks. The TM series are up to 60% quieter and 10% faster than the […]

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13 January 2021
Enhanced Printing At No Extra Cost - TM Series Software

Canon has made using the TM Series printers that much smoother by adding free and complete support software, making the whole experience of printing for CAD drawings and poster applications easy. The document below has been put together to help you better understand the capabilities of the TM series software that is on offer. This […]

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8 January 2021
An update from the GDS Team

Let's start by saying Happy New Year to all our customers, It's been extremely tough times for everyone recently, and we really appreciate your custom! Thank you to everyone who has been ordering and we apologise unreservedly to any of our customers who may have experienced delays or found that the item they were after […]

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11 August 2020
Discontinuation of Canon PFI-101, 301 & & 701 Inks

Canon has recently announced that their PFI-101, PFI-301 and PFI-701 inks are to be discontinued and production of the PFI-101 range is set to cease as of December 2020. As stocks decrease in the UK warehouses, it might be worth stocking up to avoid missing out. This will have an effect on the following printers: […]

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13 July 2020
Wall murals made easy with Canon

Sometimes you need to create posters that end up being far larger than the maximum output of your printer allows for... Check out this useful guide on how the "Free Layout" tool is exactly what you need in order to print the perfect image.? The Tiling function in Free Layout Plus enables the creation of […]

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14 February 2020
The mystery of the catch basket solved

The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series of wide format printers all come equipped with a handy basket to catch your beautiful prints as they are cut from the paper roll. But not all papers or user requirements are the same when it comes to media handling and workflow. Some papers are very delicate and therefore can […]

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14 February 2020
Using the free layout tool for extra large prints

The Tiling function in Free Layout Plus enables the creation of any extra-large posters that you may require to print. These are much larger than the width of the printer. This is done by combining multiple printer-width prints to create a single image. Setting up the tiling function is easy! By simply entering the number […]

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14 February 2020
Two Worlds Collide | Ayla Golf Club | Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of 5 Ayla Golf Academy & Clubhouse

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