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HP Launches DesignJet T850 and T950 Series Printers

Four exciting new models – DesignJet T850 and T950 Series Printers and MFPs

October 2023 sees HP launch the brand new DesignJet T850 series and T950 series printers and MFPs.  These pigment based ink printers bridge the gap perfectly  between CAD printing and longer lasting image displays, which gives offices and studios the capability to produce both print types in house and have greater control.

The sleek, dark T850 printer offers easy printing from A3 to A0 size with auto switching between sheets and rolls which is great for users printing remotely using the HP App.  The new pigmented HP Flex ink system ensures longer lasting, smudge-resistant prints, whilst improved security gives peace of mind from cyber attacks.  Its T850 MFP multifunctional companion has all the same features, with the addition of an integrated CIS front loading scanner, thus enhancing the functions to copy, scan and print.

The lighter coloured T950 has the capability to load longer 91mt rolls and 2 or 3 inch core media (CN538A adapter purchase necessary), means more flexibility with paper types from standard 90gsm plotter rolls to matt coated presentation media and even satin and gloss photo papers. Add to all this the output tray for A3 and the larger flat print stacker on the lighter coloured T950 series, and you can see why HP has taken print organisation to another level whilst enabling multiple print types and even water-resistant prints to everyday users. Likewise The T950 MFP boasts all the same features with the addition of the integrated CIS front loading scanner, thus enhancing the functions to copy, scan and print

HP Launches DesignJet T850 and T950 with sustainability in mind

HP has been mindful of the end user’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, manufacturing the bodies of both the T850 and T950 using 40% recycled plastic.  Furthermore all the HP 738 cartridges available for these new models are recyclable too.

HP DesignJet inks can be recycled – for more information go to https://www.hp.com/go/recycle

What are the main differences between the T850 and the T950 models?

  • The T850 models have a dark coloured body, whilst the T950 has a light coloured body style
  • The T850 takes a maximum 10cm roll diameter so 45-50mt long, whereas the T950 can handle a 14cm roll diameter roll so 91mts in length
  • The T950 models have the extra A3 output tray and the larger print stacker for roll prints which can lay up to 40 prints flat ready for collection
  • The T850 models have a print speed of 25 secs for an A1, whereas the T950 models are slightly faster at 21 secs

How are the new models different from previous HP DesignJet printers?

Up to now HP had separated its models clearly into CAD printers using dye based inks, and Graphics or Photo printers using pigment based inks.  The dye based ink is not smudge resistant so it could fade over time.  These new T850 and T950 models bridge that gap perfectly, offering users the capability to print excellent CAD work and also superb image prints with archival ink.  Whilst the T850 still takes only 45-50mt rolls, the T950 can handle a longer 91mt CAD plotter paper roll on 2 inch core as standard and, if you purchase the 3 inch core adaptors (CN538A), you can load 3 inch core media too.  Many heavier weight display and photo papers are supplied on 3 inch core to prevent too much curl as you near the end of the roll sp those limits have been lifted.

So there you go!  An all round everyday HP office machine that can print A3 to A0 and cover all your print types with long lasting colour and great line definition on a wider variety of sheet and roll papers than ever before.

Get in touch today to find out more about how the HP DesignJet T850 or HP DesignJet T950 could transform your workflow

GDS Sales Team 01625 613548

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