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Which inks fit the Canon GP-200 and GP-300 Printers?

Canon has recently added to its PFI-120 and PGI-320 ink ranges to allow them to be used on the new GP-200 and GP-300 printers.  The range still offers the standard 5 pigment based colours of Matt Black, Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow that all fit the TM-series CAD models, but the addition of the World’s first aqueuous Fluorescent Pink ink makes up a 6 ink range to fit the PG-200 and PG-300 Poster models.  Now these incredible GP Poster printers from Canon can deliver premium-quality posters that make a lasting impact with a newly developed fluorescent pink ink, capable of producing neon and pastel shades

The fluo pink even shows up under UV light making it popular for posters in nightclubs, bowling alleys, escape rooms and cinemas.  The depth of colour offers premium-quality, eye-catching posters for POS and marketing that can’t be ignored!

We’ve shown below a range chart of these Canon pigment based inks, to help users make sure they choose the correct ink colours for their specific Canon printer model.

Each colour is available in two sizes – choose from either PFI-120 130ml cartridges and PFI-320 300ml cartridges.  All inks supplied by GDS are sourced via the Canon UK distribution chain and are covered by manufacturer warranty, giving you total peace of mind.

    TM-200  TM-205  TM-300 TM-305 GP-200  GP-300 
Matte Black PFI-120MBK 130ml 2884C001A
PFI-320MBK 300ml 2889C001A
Black PFI-120BK 130ml 2885C001A
PFI-320BK 300ml 2890C001A
Cyan PFI-120C 130ml 2886C001A
PFI-320C 300ml 2891C001A
Magenta PFI-120M 130ml 2887C001A
PFI-320M 300ml 2892C001A
Yellow PFI-120Y 130ml 2888C001A
PFI-320Y 300ml 2893C001A
Fluorescent Pink PFI-120FP 130ml 3499C001A
PFI-320FP 300ml 3500C001A

You can find out more about the Canon GP-series models and how they can work for your business HERE

Call our Sales Team on 01625 613548 or emaul us at sales@gds.org.uk


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