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The Proofing Is In The Paper

Proofing PaperHave you ever wondered what Proofing Paper is used for? We are often asked this question here at GDS.


Proofing PaperProofing papers are designed to accurately reproduce colour in pre-press applications, with papers mimicking base colour, weight and gloss level. Proofing papers offer a wide colour gamut- typically exceeding the gamut capability of the final print paper. This allows for highly accurate proofing of the final copy, using a lower cost paper. Prints could be made on the final output media, but it comes down to cost, as to do this would be a much more expensive alternative.

The surface of proofing papers offer excellent short-term stability and fast ink drying. They are not intended for long term use.

To see the range of Proofing Papers available from GDS see HERE.

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