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Printing With Panoramic Paper

Printing PanoramicWant to know how to set up so that you can print on panoramic paper? In this short guide we talk you through the process.

When printing with panoramic paper, you don?t need a specific template, you will just need to create a custom paper size. There are also Panoramic rolls, like the ones on offer from PermaJet, but we are going to be concerning ourselves today with Panoramic Cut Sheet papers sized to 210mm x 594mm.

Start by getting your image set up in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. For the purposes of this article I am going to be sending an image to print from Photoshop CC.

To open up the print settings dialogue box in Photoshop click?File - Print, which will open up the Print Settings Window. Then click the Print Settings button where the printer driver can be accessed.

Print Settings Window

Once you have clicked the Print Settings button the Printer Driver dialogue box will open for the printer, which will look something like shown below depending on the operating system you are working on. As you can see I am set up for printing A4. So we need to change this. Click on to the second tab?Page Setup, where you can see the current settings.

Setting up to print Panoramics

In Page Size you can see that A4 size is currently selected. Click on the drop down bar and instead select Custom Size. A new dialogue window will open where you will need to enter Width: 210 and Height: 594 - make sure that the Units selected is in mm and click OK.

Setting Up custom paper size

Once this is set, you will see the paper size change to panoramic in the small preview screen as shown below. Once you have done this, you may need to adjust the orientation to make the image fit on the page correctly. In this case I have set it to Landscape Orientation and this works perfectly for the image I am sending to print. Make sure to set the Paper Source to Cut Sheet too.

Finish paper setup

You will still need to adjust the colour management settings in the driver and apply your paper profile as you would with printing on standard paper sizes.

When working from Lightroom you can access the Printer Driver by selecting the image you want to print and then opening the Print Module.?You can get to the Print Module, by clicking on the Print tab on the top right hand side of Lightroom (highlighted in the image below). When you open the Print module you will see an image in the centre of the application with a white background. This view is a visual representation of the paper and how the image will look on the page once printed. Here is how it looks in Lightroom when in the Print Module.

Lightroom Print Settings

To access the Printer Driver from Lightroom, click the Printer button in the bottom right hand corner as highlighted below. The Print dialogue box will open. In this window next to the name of your printer, click the Properties button, which I have also highlighted below. This will open up the Printer Driver, where you can follow the procedure above to set up for printing on Panoramic papers.

Lightroom settings

And the finished result...

Panoramic image

Fotospeed do a range of Panoramic Papers, with six different finishes on offer. You can find the Fotospeed Panoramic Papers HERE.

PermaJet do Panoramic Rolls, but unknown to many, they also do a 'Chop Down' service, where if you buy a box of A2 sheets you can pay PermaJet to basically cut it in half for you! So instead of receiving 25 x A2 sheets in your chosen finish, you will receive 50 sheets of 210mm x 594mm Panoramic paper. You can find all the PermaJet A2 sheets HERE. On each listing there is the option to 'Chop Down' to Panoramic sheets as required and the cost of this is included in the option as PermaJet charge a percentage of the papers value rather than a set cost for the service.

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