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How did the Canon PRO-2000 Printer perform?

See what GDS has to say about trialling the new Canon PRO-2000 Photographic Printer?

We've been putting the Canon PRO-2000 through it's paces here at the GDS Showroom and we can't speak highly enough of it.

The new sturdy chassis design combined with the new wider PF-10 printhead design means that the speed of print has increased from the previous iPF6400 model without compromising the print accuracy.

We love the new body design - the black finish is super impressive with the red Canon line to match the EOS camera range. It really is a striking machine to have in any office or studio.

We have trialled prints on satin, gloss, canvas and matt papers and each time the quality has been beyond our expectations - the chroma optimiser is laid down by the machine to enhance specific areas of the print making the colours 'pop' with real vibrancy.

Printing directly from a USB stick is a welcome addition to the Canon PRO-series range too - really handy.

A choice of three ink sizes which can all be swapped whilst printing with no interruption or loss of work is a great feature. ?You can mix the sizes choosing the larger capacity for the colours you use most depending on the type of work you print.

The Canon PRO-2000 offers super easy paper loading too - just pop the media on the spindle, into the feed mouth and shut the door!

Our personal favourite is the dual roll option which we chose for our demo model. ? This allows you to either load two different medias (grade or size) to easily choose from either option to print or a quick flick of a switch means you can print reel to reel and have your prints ready to finish. ?Most importantly you can easily select whether the printed media is roll inwards or outwards to suit your next process.

Simply brilliant! ?The Canon PRO-2000 gets a massive thumbs up from GDS.

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