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GDS Sponsors Cara Mills At 'Inhabiting The Dome' Art Exhibition

Cara Mills exhibiting at the DomeGDS recently supported young Artist Cara Mills at an exhibition called 'Inhabiting the Dome' at Whiteley's in London for her work titled 'The Labour of Ideas'.

"It was fantastic to be able to collaborate with GDS for my work?The Labour of Ideas, which was exhibited recently at an exhibition called?Inhabiting The Dome?at the Whiteleys Building where I showed?amongst other emerging artists. It is refreshing and reassuring to be supported by a company that is generous and supportive? to young, emerging artists at such a pivotal point in their careers!" - Cara Mills

Based in London?s Whiteley?s Centre,?Working Project?hosted an exciting group exhibition showcasing London?s top ten emerging artists. Running from?29th November ? 6th December 2018, this was the first project of its kind seen inside Whiteleys.

The historic Whiteleys is London?s first department store and a Grade II Listed building, dating back to 1863. ?Inhabiting the Dome?, curated by Cara Mills marks the end of an era as the exhibition will be the last before the building?s new year redevelopments. Artists have interpreted and responded to this unusual exhibition space: an uninhabited shopping centre and forgotten historical building, which was once was the height of glamour amongst London?s high society.

?Inhabiting The Dome? explores the performative possibilities of scale when art is used to activate space. The exhibition presents an array of medium at the highest level; architecture and a celebration of Whiteleys? history, a love for new tech and an interest in young, emerging artists.

The opening night featured a spectacular projection spanning Whiteleys? 15 metre dome ? the size of an international planetarium ? featuring work by award-winning multimedia artist and performer?Mowgli. The dome simultaneously acts an internal and external space as a dominant reference point for Whiteleys, which has become the centre point of the exhibition; overarching and containing.

Here are a couple of images of The Shredder by Cara Mills in exhibition by?photographer- Talie Eigeland.

The Shredder by Cara Mills

The Shredder in exhibition by Cara Mills at Whiteleys London

To see the interview about this exhibition on London Live, see HERE.?

For details relating to this exhibition see HERE.

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