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Canon TX-Series Basket Stacker

Canon TX-Series PrintersOne of the strongest contenders in the mid to high volume CAD market is the Canon TX-Series Large Format printers. We look at another feature of these printers designed to make your life easier.

Canon TX-Series

One of the strongest contenders in the mid to high volume CAD market is the Canon imagePROGRAF TX-Series.

Many of us have been amazed at just how good the graphics capability is using the new LUCIA-TD ink set. Considering it?s only a five colour system, the tonal gradation and vibrancy is astounding. This makes the TX-Series far more versatile and appealing in an ever changing and demanding environment.

Customers can now generate brilliant photos, posters, maps and banners, using a vast array of media types. CAD has also become far more than simple line drawings and plans- architects and designers now need to incorporate hi-res and lifelike images, with an increasing requirement for prints to be UV stable and weatherproof.

The Canon TX-Series have been designed to meet all of these requirements and more. The clever guys at Canon have developed the TX series dedicated basket / stacker unit to make it easy for you to keep track of and to keep order of your prints. This optional extra will stack up to 100 x large format prints, perfectly, and in the correct order, so there?s no need for you to waste time and effort collecting armfuls of rolled up prints and?collating them manually.

The basket / stacker simply replaces the standard catch basket and works perfectly in conjunction with the single and?dual roll versions of the TX-Series.

To see the stacker in action, as well as refreshing your knowledge of the other great features, check out the TX?Virtual Showroom tool or watch the TX-Series Intro video.

Canon TX-Series virtual showroom

Comparison Reports

To see if the TX-Series stacks up for you feel free to call or email the GDS Sales Team?for helpful, impartial advice. We can also arrange competitive Finance options on request and subject to credit acceptance.

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