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Canon Firmware Updates - Are You Up To Date?

Updating FirmwareFirmware. What is it and is yours up to date?


Update Canon FirmwareFirmware is permanent software which is installed on your printer and enables it to function correctly. It is often explained as software embedded in a piece of hardware and it is this software (firmware) that provides a control programme or set of instructions for the hardware. A good example of firmware would be the wash cycle instructions on a washing machine. Updating the printer?s firmware is an important step that should be performed when a new printer is first installed and then periodically from that point on? But why?

Updating the printer?s firmware will not only ensure that your printer is kept in tip-top condition, but can typically include improvements to productivity and image quality. Such updates can include improvements to print speed, droplet accuracy and even reduce the ink consumption. For instance when Apple introduced its AirPrint technology, Canon updated its printer firmware so that many of its older Wi-Fi printers could support it.

Canon may periodically release updates to the firmware of your printer, so to make life even easier Canon have created a handy Firmware Update Tool. Once this tool is installed, any updates will be automatically installed without you having to do anything.

The Firmware Update Tool is available from the Canon website HERE.

NOTE: You may hear people who suggest NOT to update your firmware. This is typical of sellers of non genuine inks as updates to the firmware can stop these third party or refilled inks from working. To see why we do not recommend using third party or refilled inks READ THIS. However, you will be missing important updates to your security and functioning of your printer if you choose not to update your firmware, which will not be of benefit in the long term.

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