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Canon Creative Park

Lion made using Canon Creative Park Have you heard of Canon Creative Park? Well this little (well not so little) beauty was created using it.


Canon imagePROGRAF printers are amazing at producing high quality prints. You name it, Photos, Fine Art, CAD drawings, etc...they're unbeatable.

But how cool would it be if you could quickly and easily print large scale 3D animals, vehicles, dinosaurs?and a whole lot more? Well you can, using the free template downloads at Canon Creative Park!

Lion made using Canon Creative Park

With a little assembly you can surround yourselves with anything from mythical creatures to space rockets?and iconic landmarks. Schools will love it!

It was initially set up to provide fun, educational and display items created from A4 paper. The Canon?Creative Park* images are so high resolution that they work incredibly well at much larger formats too. Just check out this Lion?that was created at Canon UK head office utilising some 240gsm matte media and the PRO-4000S? It?s the size of a?Labrador and made entirely of paper!

?Lion made using Canon Creative Park

Pop over to? the?Canon Creative Park and?and see what you can get your Canon large?format printer to create.

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