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Why Use Genuine Canon Inks?

The Canon HolographSurely ink is ink?? Does it matter if I use cheap compatibles?? Let's take a look......


Optimum results from your Canon Large Format Printers

Canon Genuine Inks for Optimum Results


When you invest in a Canon Large Format Printer, you demand print quality of the highest level. Genuine?Canon Inks are designed to make sure you achieve it.

Genuine Canon Inks are designed to work in perfect harmony with our Large Format Printers to deliver the head-turning results every print deserves. That means vivid colour reproduction, outstanding image clarity and the finest line reproduction across every possible application. Each ink is rigorously tested to ensure these results combine with consistent reliability and excellent value.

If quality counts, why compromise?

If you demand hassle-free printing and the very best from your investment, why compromise? Non-genuine inks, whether compatible or re-manufactured, have never been tested by Canon so you can never be sure of the outcome. Which could mean printer malfunction, incorrect colour matching, leaking cartridges or mediocre results.

Unleash the possibilities

Whether you are creating banners, signs, posters, photographs, fine art prints or technical drawings, a world of possibilities await. Take full advantage by combining Genuine Canon Inks with your Canon Large Format Printer.

How to choose Genuine Canon inks

Make a decision to choose Genuine Canon Inks and give yourself peace of mind. Buy from dependable suppliers and look out for the unique colour-changing hologram. Featured on every pack, it appears iridescent gold when viewed from the front, and dark green when tilted horizontally.Look for the Canon Hologram - for Peace of Mind

How to spot imitations

Take a closer look at the hologram. Does it change colour as described? Alter at different viewing angles? If not, it's not genuine. The packaging may also contain blurred imagery or not reflect the quality you would expect from Canon.


Download the PDF brochure on Canon Genuine Inks

Download the PDF Brochure on using Canon Genuine Inks



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