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When should I change my Canon imagePROGRAF Printer Inks?

Every Canon imagePROGRAF wide format printer comes with a huge amount of starter ink. The starter ink cartridges are designed to fill the ink supply tubes to the printhead, the main tanks and the sub-ink tanks of your shiny new Canon large format printer. All of this free ink allows you to churn out lots of great quality, free prints, straight from the box, at no extra cost.

Here is an exmaple of just how much ink you get for free with some current Canon models:

  • TM-200 / TM-300 - 130ml MBK + 90ml BK, C, M & Y (490ml)
  • PRO-2100 - 12 x 160ml (1.92 litres)
  • PRO-4100 - 12 x 330ml (3.96 litres)

Considering that an A1 size CAD line drawing takes approx 0.3ml of ink and a full bleed glossy A1 image poster takes maybe 3 or 4ml, that's a lot of prints for free before you need to restock ink.

The sub tanks allow hot-swapping of empty cartridges. “Hot-swap” means that you can insert a new, full cartridge while taking out the empty one without having to stop the print process or cancel the print-run. No wasted time and materials, just keep printing! The amount of ink remaining in the main and sub-ink tanks is displayed clearly on the touch-screen operation panel.

When should I change my Canon imagePROGRAF Printer Inks?

So when do I know it's time to order Canon ink supplies? When the "Ink Low" message appears, it really is time to place an order. However the sub-ink tanks are still filled with ink so you can continue to print while they await those newly ordered supplies. We always suggest ordering in good time as we are reliant on next day carriers to make sure your parcels get to you quickly. Most of the time our dispatches go super smoothy, but ordering in good time stops the stress of a failed delivery or the possibility of a delay.

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