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We Don't Just Dump Printers

GDS Installation and supportA client asked today, ?Are you just a box shifter or can you install and support??


Large Format Printer Installation and SupportA client asked today, ?Are you just a box shifter or can you install and support??

The simple answer is that we absolutely can install and train you on your new device and we very much want to support you long term on all aspects of your printing.

We know our pricing is low.

We know we are super quick to respond.

We know we can supply next day.

We also know our stuff and we know these machines inside out.

But what we pride ourselves on is what happens before and after your purchase.?

To start with we?ll guide you through the minefield of choosing the right printer. Maybe you?re replacing an older model or this is your first purchase. It?s imperative to pinpoint the exact model for you. Not ignoring the important factors like speed and size, what about the rolls you want to use? Will they fit? There?s no point in us delivering your shiny new T120 only to find you want to print photos on heavy art paper. There are so many factors to consider, with which we can help.

Whether you want to do it yourself or whether you would like us to hand deliver, unbox, install the new machine and offer training, we can advise you on every aspect of your printing needs. From supplies for the printer, to colour management, firmware, software and finishing solutions.

During the life of your printer we offer on-site warranties, support packs or ad hoc servicing and parts to keep your printer running in tip top condition.

GDS stocks the full range of inks and cartridges for each machine we deliver not to mention thousands of paper choices and media in sheets and rolls. Our experts can advise on exactly what fits and what works best.?

GDS will be there every step of the way - building long term relationships with our customers is paramount.?So whatever you need or how silly your question might be, just call us.

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