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Time to replace your Oce CS Series Printer?

Time to replace your Oce CS-series Printer

As Oce CS range printer inks become scarcer, GDS is reducing its stock of the IJC236 and IJC246 inks, so it might be time to start thinking about replacing your printer with a new model. Replacing a costly piece of equipment is never a welcomed task, but it might just not be as costly as you thought!

Oce CS2136 Printer will become obsoleteThe modern hardware is priced so competitively as the major manufacturers fight for market share that you can pick up a new replacement printer now ready to go with inks and paper for as little as £995 + VAT. With next day delivery included you could soon be benefitting from speedier printing, lower cost cartridges and less expensive prints overall, saving you money long term.

The CS range of Oce printers really were built to last and we know that many of our customers have found it frustrating that they can no longer get inks for their perfectly functioning printer. The IJC224 ink range has already gone meaning some customers turned to compatible and refillable options, only to return to us for an upgrade model when that didn?t give the print results and quality they needed. Canon M-300 Office All Rounder

So, in light of the impending end of the IJC236 range, why not take a look at the new Canon models which directly replace your CS printer

Here is a list of replacement models to consider.? By clicking the links below, you will be able to view the specification sheet for your existing model or to view details and pricing for the upgrade model.

You can also check out our Canon TM-series Virtual Showroom for loads more information.

Canon TM-series - upgrade from the Oce CS series printersMaybe you print larger files or layered PDFS and might benefit from a replacement model with a hard drive. If that?s the case then take a look at the Canon TM-205 (A1) or TM-305 (A0) models.? These two machines offer everything that the TM-200 and TM-300 do with a 2GB processing memory, but with the addition of a 500GB onboard Hard Drive which is handy for storing regularly used print files, reprinting the last print sent or this extra memory will also be used by the printer when handling a particularly large file to speed up the printing time.

Furthermore these amazing all rounders, also come in MFP options with scanners and scanning software to give you not only printing, but scanning and copying functions too.

So whatever your needs are, we can match an Oce CS range printer replacement to you and your business. Call us on 01625 613548 for more impartial advice or to discuss other brands.

Canon TM-Series - the ideal replacement for Oce CS2136, CS2124, CS2224, CS2236, CS2424, CS2436


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