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The mystery of the catch basket solved

The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series of wide format printers all come equipped with a handy basket to catch your beautiful prints as they are cut from the paper roll. But not all papers or user requirements are the same when it comes to media handling and workflow.

Some papers are very delicate and therefore can be damaged easily if they are left to fall into the basket. Some users may want to stack their prints later rather than gather armfulls of rolled-up paper and attempt to flatten them for sorting. Perhaps your prints need to be trimmed or mounted and therefore moved directly to the next step of the process.

Canon PRO Series Printer Catch Basket ModesBy clever design, the multi-purpose basket can be configured for all of these scenarios.

See below just how easily you can configure your imagePROGRAF PRO series basket to generally speed up workflow and protect your images when printed on delicate papers.

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