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Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm - Digital Fine Art Paper Media Roll - 17" inch - 432mm x 12mt - 10643467


Hahnemühle Bamboo Media Roll - Digital Fine Art Printer Media from GDS | Graphic Design Supplies Ltd

  • 290gsm
  • 90% bamboo, 10% cotton paper
  • 17" / 432mm
  • 12mt
  • 3 inch core
  • 10643467

Bamboo is a natural white paper with a smooth surface texture that is made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton and guarantees archival standards. With its premium matt inkjet coating Bamboo meets the highest industry standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness while preserving the special touch and feel of genuine art paper. Compatible with pigmented and dye inkjet systems.

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