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Looking For An Alternative To Hahnemuhle German Etching 310gsm

Hahnem?hle German Etching and GDS Fine Art Textured paperLooking for alternatives to the?Hahnem?hle German Etching 310? The GDS Media Range may well have just the alternative you are looking for.

Hahnem?hle German Etching and GDS Fine Art Textured Paper comparison

Hahnem?hle German Etching 310 and GDS Fine Art Textured Comparison.

Here is a close look at the two papers under GU10 warm white lighting (I'd guess at about 3000K). Here they do look the same colour. Under different lighting the GDS Fine Art Textured looks a fractionally creamier white. Full a full look at what this means see our post HERE.

Both are textured but with a slightly different texture pattern. Hopefully you can get a good idea of the different pattern from the above image.

Hahnem?hle German Etching has a cie whiteness value of 91.5. It is a natural white paper with a low OBA content. It has excellent archival qualities as you would expect from?Hahnem?hle Fine Art Media. This paper is 100% Alpha Cellulose.

GDS Fine Art Textured Paper is Acid Free and has a whiteness value of 88 (slightly warmer in colour than the German Etching). It is also a natural white paper and is OBA Free. This paper is 75% Alpha Cellulose and 25% Cotton, instant dry and has a high resistance to water.

Obviously the weight is pretty similar with the?Hahnem?hle German Etching at 310gsm versus the GDS Fine Art Textured at 300gsm. The thickness is quite similar too, with the German Etching being the slightly thicker at 0.50mm opposed to 0.45mm with the GDS Fine Art Textured.

Price wise the?Hahnem?hle German Etching 310 is over twice the price of the GDS Fine Art Textured.

If you are looking for a really good alternative to the?Hahnem?hle then the GDS Fine Art Textured may just be the solution you were looking for.

For more information follow the links below.

Hahnem?hle German Etching 310

GDS Fine Art Textured 300

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