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Keep Your Large Format Printer In Tip Top Condition

Keep your large format printer workingKeep your printer in tip top condition with our three tips to help ensure longevity and performance.


large format printer in useWhether it?s an entry level CAD plotter or a top of the range photographic model, we recommend 3 simple things to follow

  • Surge protection ? always protect your power supply against dips, spike and cuts in power.? Printers really don?t like these and it can be catastrophic, affecting your printer?s main board (it?s brain) which is very costly to replace.
  • Use it! Make sure you use your machine regularly ? we recommend at least once a week.? Printers thrive on regular use and this alone can help to avoid blockages and problems. If you only use black, make sure you run a small colour print every so often.? Remember that the ink is water based liquid sitting in small tubes and fired through tiny printhead nozzles, so keeping it flowing is essential.
  • Follow the instructions ? your machine will want to go through small cleans every so often to keep itself clean so let it go through these processes.? Follow the on screen prompt and check the user manual for essential maintenance.

You can obtain manuals for your large format printers below. Just click on the image of the manufacturer of the printer you need information on, and then you will be able to select your printer.

Canon drivers, manuals and softwareHP drivers, manuals and software


Happy printing, and don?t forget, if things do go wrong, we are here to help with phone advice and engineers to visit, even if your printer is out of warranty.

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