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Focus on paper rolls to fit the HP T120 and T520 printer models

HP DesignJet T520 loading paperWe get asked all the time by our customers for the rolls they can use.? These are great little entry level printer models from HP, but we know the paper roll spindle limits the rolls that fit these space saving, compact design machines, so we have put together a list of the ?tried and tested? paper rolls you can choose from.

You might not realise that with the HP T120 and HP T520 printer models you can load a roll that is narrower than the printer width, so for instance, the T120 can take rolls from 297mm right up to the maximum 610mm meaning you can print A4, A3, A2 and A1 on a variety of rolls.? You would simply have a gap on the paper spindle when you load a smaller roll.?

When choosing paper rolls for the T120 and T520 models you can only use rolls with a 2 inch core (the core is the cardboard tube inside the paper roll).? Some rolls come on a 3 inch core and these will not fit.

?T120 and T520 printer rolls

Diameter is important too ? the maximum diameter we have found to fit well is 10-11cms.

You do not have to use HP paper although the manufacturer would love you to do so.? Most paper we stock comes from the same mills in Europe and is converted and badged once it is packed.? The GDS range is a tried and tested range we have put together with price and quality in mind.

And finally, paper weight.? The T120 and T520 take paper up to a maximum weight of 280gsm so only rolls 80gsm to 280gsm will feed through the print path.

So here is a handy list of the most popular rolls that fit these machines.? It is not an exhaustive list and there are literally thousands of rolls that will fit, but this gives you an option for most print types you might be producing.? If you can?t see what you need, give us a call and we?ll pinpoint the best priced stock item for you.

?Paper compatibility chart for HP T120 and HP T520 large format printers

If you want to browse other ranges of paper for your printer, then you can click HERE to go to the specific category on our GDS website and then choose your machine model from the filters on the left of the screen.

To find out more about the GDS media range as shown in the illustration above click HERE. This will then link you through to the media you are interested in.

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