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Fed Up Of Ink Outage?

Canon Hot Swap Ink TanksAre you fed up of your Large Format Printer running out of ink, wasting your time, your ink and your paper? Wish there was a better way?

Are you fed up of your Large Format Printer running out of ink during an active print job, wasting your time, your ink and your paper? Do you wish there was a better way? Well you will be pleased to hear, that there is!

Sub ink tank system on Canon Large Format printersWith Canon, all their Large Format Printers have a 'hot swap' ink system, which means that inks can be changed even during an active print job and the job and the print will not be interrupted in anyway. This is thanks to the ingenious sub ink tank system that holds a reservoir of ink beneath the actual ink cartridge. Having a system such as this ensures that the ink cartridge is completely empty when it is replaced, so you don't waste a drop.

Printing will continue from the ink sub tank, whilst the cartridge change is in progress, increasing productivity and reducing wasted time, ink and paper compared to other Large Format printers.

Even more helpfully, customers can now see the ink sub tank reservoir level on the printer?s colour display panel, giving them better visibility of exactly how much ink is left in their printer.

The diagram shows how the system works- simple but effective!

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