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Dust Reduction from Media Cutting

Canon TechnologyWe look at how a simple alteration in design can save you ink, increase image quality and reliability as in the Canon PRO-Series printers.

Canon Dust Reduction

Paper dust and debris collecting inside a large format printer is often seen as the primary cause of?premature printhead failures. This is why many customers choose to manually feed out and cut their?canvas and backlit film prints off the roll with scissors or a blade instead of using the printer?s inbuilt?rotary cutter blade.

In previous models (iPF Series) this time consuming process was minimised by using the 'Cut Dust?Reduction', which automatically printed a heavyweight line at the end of each print. This effectively?wet the media slightly and meant that dust and debris was reduced when using the printer?s rotary?cutter; prolonging the life of the printer, the cutter and the printhead.

However, with Canon, they are constantly developing new technology to enhance their large format printer line up and to ensure that their customers make the best investment when buying a Canon printer.?One little known improvement is that the Canon PRO-Series range of printers now have a separate carriage assembly for the cutter. This carriage assembly is incredibly strong and capable of cutting even the thickest of canvas and cotton papers.?Having a separate carriage keeps cutting dust away from the printhead while placing the cut closer to?the paper exit point. In addition, this separation also benefits the drop placement accuracy of the printhead?and no ink needs to be used to wet the cutting area, meaning you save valuable ink.

Isnt? that incredible? Increased reliability, less ink used and better print quality and all from just one?simple alteration!

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