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Do You Really Want Shiny Paper?

Gloss paper or satin?Do you really want shiny (gloss) paper? Whilst images can look really striking on gloss, the surface can glare and be distracting.?

Gloss and Satin paper differencesDo you really want shiny paper?

Customers often come to us asking for a gloss paper when really they want satin (semi gloss).

It?s much smarter and nicer with a high end feel and not so much glare.?

The image right shows two popular PermaJet papers - Gloss 271gsm and Oyster 271gsm (Oyster has a satin / pearl finish). I have bent the two papers towards the light so you can clearly see the differences in the reflective glare qualities of each finish.

As you can see, the Gloss paper (with the blue tab) is much more reflective, so much so you cannot actually read the name of the paper on the tab.


For a full list of the Satin Media we sell at GDS see HERE.


The below image shows the Fotospeed PF Gloss 270 alongside our GDS Satin Photo Paper 260gsm, bent towards the light so you can see the reflective differences between the Gloss and Satin finishes.

Gloss and Satin paper comparison

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