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Canson Infinity Inkjet Fine Art and Photo Papers Launched At GDS

Canson Infinity LogoGDS are delighted to announce that we have expanded our already huge offerings of media even further with the addition of the Canson? Infinity Range of Fine Art and Photo Papers.

Canson Infinity 150 years logoGDS are delighted to announce that we have expanded our already huge offerings of media even further with the addition of the Canson?Infinity Range of Fine Art and Photo Papers.?Canson?Infinity offers you Museum Quality Fine Art & Photo Inkjet Papers and Canvas.

About Canson? Infinity

Looking back on a long history in the field of photography, today Canson? is the last pioneering photographic paper manufacturer that is still in business! In 1865, Canson?filed and acquired an international patent for the improvement of albumen papers, one of the first processes for the production of photographic paper to be developed at the time.?

Today, Canson? retains its spirit of innovation and combines centuries of experience with cutting edge technology in the manufacture of its paper. Canson?favours the use of natural minerals and the purest of materials, without optical brighteners, to provide printing materials that are resistant to ageing. The papers and canvases within the Canson?Infinity range for photography and digital art deliver unparalleled and durable printing results, as well as optimal chromatic rendering with a large colour gamut, a strong D-Max and excellent image sharpness.

The Canson Pedigree

Canson Infinity Rag Photographique FamilyCanson??was founded in 1557 by the Montgolfier family. Its development and destiny are intertwined with the history of France and the history of Art. Rooted in tradition, Canson?respects this heritage and its duty is to always provide consumers with outstanding paper.

Canson? has been producing the world's finest art papers, used by and inspiring the greatest artists and designers around the world for nearly half a millennium, such as Degas, Ingres, Picasso or Matisse and Warhol. Drawing on its experience in the world of paper and cutting-edge technologies, Canson?launched the Canson?Infinity range in 2008, encompassing a range of high-quality, age-resistant papers specially designed for fine art printing.

In 2016, Canson? became part of the FILA-Group, the global leader in design, production and marketing of creativity tools and traditional fine art products. Within this global organisation, Canson?now has access to more resources for innovation and elite paper mills such as the famous St Cuthberts paper mill, in Somerset, England, which is now producing Canson?Infinity?s mould made paper base for papers?such as Aquarelle Rag, PrintMaKing Rag and Velin Museum Rag. Mould made paper combines the consistent quality of machine made (fourdrinier) papers, but with the individual character of handmade papers. They are of particular interest because of their superior surface stability and beautiful surface texture. These papers feature texture that is slightly reduced for high end inkjet Printmaking purposes.

Canson Infinity Products

PrintMaKing Rag is an extraordinary and emblematic paper - ideal for Fine Art prints and Photographs. This 100% cotton fine art paper is made in the purest papermaking tradition and has a unique pure white without using optical brighteners (OBAs). It has an incomparable, fine, silky touch. This extraordinary paper gives prestige and quality to inkjet prints.

Aquarelle Rag is a genuine 100% cotton rag, which has a unique structure and texture that delivers unrivalled character to the reproduction of Fine Art and Photographic Prints.?This paper naturally meets the highest requirements in terms of ageing resistance and complies with the strictest preservation standards.

Velin Museum Rag paper has been created specifically to use for digital art and photography printing. This paper is naturally resistant to ageing, it has a unique fine grain, a smooth structure and a pure white, without optical brighteners. It is an ideal medium for high-end photography printing, digital art publishing or museum and gallery uses.

Rag Photographique is?the smoothest matt paper in the Canson Infinity collection. It?is a 100% cotton museum grade white paper. It?offers a unique extra smooth surface with a sensual feel. Rag Photographique also provides one of the highest achievable D-Max ratings currently available on the market and?works well with a variety of subjects such as Nature, Monochrome and Portraiture thanks to its remarkably pleasant, smooth finish.

Edition Etching Rag?is a 100% cotton Fine Art paper with a smooth texture, reminiscent of the original genuine etching and printmaking papers. The paper has the purest white tone available on the market, without any Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs).?Canson?Edition Etching Rag offers a high paper shade stability and a resistance to ageing by using natural minerals.?This museum-grade paper provides deep blacks, excellent image sharpness, optimum colour graduation and its unique slight grain makes it ideal for printing detailed work, colour photographs and exceptional black and white portraits.?

Platine Fibre Rag provides the aesthetic and feel of the original F-Type Baryta Fibre paper, having a true pure white tone without using optical brighteners that are known to affect the longevity of digitally produced images. This paper has an extremely high D-Max and exceptional grey tones, which make it the product of choice for those printing Monochrome and Colour photographic prints.TIPA 2017 Awards - Best Inkjet Photo Paper

Baryta Prestige?is an acid-free alpha-cellulose and cotton white paper with a true barium sulphate coating.?It is a smooth Baryta Gloss paper which evokes the look and aesthetic feel of traditional darkroom papers. Winner of the TIPA 2017 Award for Best Inkjet Photographic Paper.?The paper characteristics are truly unique:?providing excellent durability, outstanding D-Max, superb image sharpness and an extraordinary wide colour gamut.

Canon Infinity TIPA Awards 2010Baryta Photographique?is a true Baryta paper developed for inkjet technology. It consists of an alpha-cellulose, acid-free pure white paper with the same barium sulphate coating as for traditional silver halide and a premium inkjet colour receiver layer.?Winner of the TIPA 2010 Award for Best Fine Art Inkjet Paper. It?offers the look and aesthetic of the original darkroom baryta print and complies with the ISO 9706 standard for maximum longevity.?This museum grade photo paper shows excellent black density and great image sharpness, making it ideal for black and white photography.

Photo HighGloss Premium RC?consists of an ultra-smooth, alpha-cellulose, acid-free paper coated with polyethylene and multiple microporous colour receiver layers.?This ultra-white photo paper currently has the highest gloss level of the photographic resin-coated paper market. This paper offers vivid colours with an extremely wide colour gamut and deep blacks with an exceptional D-Max, coupled with excellent image sharpness and?has been designed to comply with the highest lifespan requirements.

Discovery Packs are the test packs of media by Canson Infinity. There are two test packs to choose from; the Fine Art Discovery Pack and the Fine Art Photo Discovery Pack. Both packs carry a selection of Canson Infinity papers, allowing you to try before you buy and to select the perfect paper for your needs and project.

Canson??Infinity encompasses a range of Digital Fine Art media that exceeds the ISO 9706 museum grade standard and that has been developed to meet galleries and museum's longevity requirements. Canson?has submitted the Digital Fine Art & Photo range to the world's leading independent print permanence testing laboratory, Wilhelm Imaging Research (WIR) for longevity testing on the Canson?Infinity range. All of our Canson?Infinity listings give you the print permanence ratings.

Canson Infinity Logos

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