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Canon TX-Series Review

Canon TX-Series ReviewThe Canon TX-Series is a feature rich line up of large format printers. Here we take a closer look at its features and how the TX-Series can benefit you, including a look at the total cost of ownership.

Canon TX-Series PrintersThe Canon TX-Series of large format printers is a five colour inkjet printer line-up, which can print CAD, GIS and vibrant Presentations and Posters with its pigment Lucia TD inks. With Lucia TD pigment inks your output will have a longer lifespan than that if it were printed using dye ink, with greater UV protection and water resistance. This is perfect for plans that need to go out onsite and it will also produce vibrant posters for in house use, giving you a really diverse range of applications to suit this printer.

The Canon TX-Series printers deliver enviable efficiency, pinpoint accuracy and superb security standards with low running costs. Available as a printer only or as a multi-function printer in 24?, 36? and 44? sizes, the TX range offers a solution for the differing needs of companies and individuals alike.

Costs of printing with a TX-3000 compared to outsourcing your print with an online print set-up

Canon TX-Series comparision between print costs and outsourcing printPlanprintinguk? - A0 CAD - ?7.95 + ?10 postage next day ? not guaranteed unless you pay extra on the ?10 postage cost.

Solopress - ?A0 poster - ??15 each print - week day 2-3 day delivery included

TX-3000 ? A0 CAD - ?0.35 includes ink and direct comparison to outsourced paper (80gsm uncoated CAD paper) ? ready in 1 minute and 10 seconds.

??????????????? -A0 Poster - ?2.79 includes ink and a 190gsm Gloss Photo paper (compared to 130gsm Gloss when outsourced) ? ready in 5 minutes and 44 seconds

The cost of the CAD prints from Solopress covers the cost of the print only. You would have to factor in the extra ?10 delivery charge, which would not be on every print if you were sending 15 to print each week, but even if you had delivery just once per week, you could factor in an extra saving of ?520 per year on postage alone. This means you could save in real terms as much as ?6428 per year at least, on your CAD printing.

Canon TX-4000 printerWhat?s in the Box?

  • Printer
  • 1 x Print Head
  • 1 x Maintenance Cartridge
  • 3? Paper Core Attachment
  • EU & UK Power Cable
  • 1 Set of Starter Ink Tanks
  • Set Up Guide
  • Safety/ Standard, Software CD-ROM (OSX/Windows)
  • PosterArtist Lite CD-ROM
  • EU Biocide Sheet
  • Eurasian Economic Union Sheet
  • Important Information Sheet
  • Quick Guide and Print head Alignment Sheet

Optional Items

  • Roll Unit for dual roll capability
  • Roll Holder, which is the media spindle for the dual roll unit
  • Stacker to stack sheets of printed media easily of up to 100 sheets

How many prints you can get from the free starter inks

With the Canon TX-Series you get a free set of 160ml starter inks included with the printer to get you set up and running.

Canon TX-Series ink swap - hot swap tanksIf you were to just print CAD drawings with your free starter inks, you would be able to print 1569 A0 sheets. Taking into account that you will use some ink as the new printer sets itself up- even if it was to use as much as 20% of the free starter ink you will still be able to produce 1255 A0 CAD drawings. That would be 83 weeks of FREE printing ? that is over a year and a half of free prints if you produced 15 A0 CAD drawings per week!

If you were to print 15 A0 CAD full colour posters per week you would be looking at being able to produce 258 posters ? or 206 posters if you allow 20% of the ink to be allocated to the initial printer set up and the odd nozzle check.? That works out at over 13 weeks of FREE prints ? over three months? worth of Posters based on that volume of usage.

Naturally most people are going to be mixing up the types of prints that they produce and these figures are given as an example so that you can see easily what is achievable for this printer and for your individual circumstances.

Life time savings

We are also going to look at not only the savings that can be had compared to outsourcing your printing compared to owning a TX-Series printer, but also the savings that could be had over the coming years when compared to a purchase of a similar printer model.

The Canon TX-Series are designed to be cost efficient and this fact alone could work out to save you thousands of pounds over the life of the printer in ink costs alone.

We compared the cost of running a HP T930 compared to a Canon TX-3000 based on ink prices correct as of today.

Cost of printing CAD between TX-3000 vs T930

As you can see if you were to only print this volume of CAD drawings the savings would be modest.

?Cost of printing posters between TX-3000 vs T930

However, if you were to factor in poster printing the savings on the running costs can really mount up.

In conclusion

The TX-Series printers offer a great deal of versatility in its printing applications and whilst the original cost to buy these printers may look more expensive initially, the total cost of ownership throughout the life of this printer can make this printer series overall a much more financially sound buying decision.

Also with the inks being pigmented, it makes the output from these printers much more suitable for a larger range of applications from taking plans on site and the output being weather resistant, to being able to print out high quality presentations and posters suitable for short term use. Not all similar printers have this capability with many of this ilk being dye ink or being predominately dye ink, with maybe just a black pigment ink channel.

Where to buy TX-Series Printers?

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The Canon TX-Series ? Feature rich

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