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Canon TM-300 v HP T520 ? The True Economy Facts

Economy of Canon TM-300 v HP T520Are you looking for an inexpensive solution to your CAD and Poster requirements? The initial price of the printer and the ongoing cost of ownership can be two very different things?

HP DesignJet T520Are you looking at the HP DesignJet T520 when looking for an inexpensive solution to your CAD and poster requirements? When it comes to economy, the initial price of the printer and the ongoing cost of ownership can be two very different things. Let?s quickly compare some facts and figures with those of the Canon TM-300.

Initial Cost Out of the Box?

As of today the

Canon TM-300 costs ?1749.00

and the HP T520 36" costs ?1865.00

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Whilst both the HP DesignJet T520 and the Canon TM-300 are billed as an entry level model, the Canon TM-300 is packed full of amazing features above that of the HP T520.Sample Poster Image

Free stuff is good!

Straight out of the box, the Canon TM-300 printer is supplied with 490ml of ink, compared to the 167ml supplied with the HP T520. That is almost three times more ink included with the printer purchase for FREE from Canon - resulting in tons more free prints with your initial purchase!

To give you an idea, the poster picture shown right when printed at A0 size on Matt Coated paper will use the following amount of ink in each printer...


?Normal / Standard Mode

?Fast Mode

?HP DesignJet T520

?3.67ml = ink cost of ?2.64

?3.64ml = ink cost of ?2.62

?Canon TM-300

?2.67ml = ink cost of ?0.93

?2.55ml = ink cost of ?0.89


Sample CAD imagesUsing today's prices the ink for the T520 works out at a cost of ?0.72 per ml. For the Canon the cost per ml is ?0.35. So not only does the Canon use a lot less ink to complete the same job, but the ink is also half of the cost. Image how that will add up over the life of the printer!

In the interest of fairness we will do the same again but for a CAD drawing, as the T520 isn?t really designed to be printing Posters. Another benefit of the Canon TM-300 is the pigment inks, which make it ideal for printing posters and even printing banners for short term outdoor use!

So a A0 CAD drawing on plain paper will use the following amount of ink?


?Normal / Standard Mode

?Fast Mode

?HP DesignJet T520

?0.99ml = ink cost of ?0.71

?0.90ml = ink cost of ?0.63

?Canon TM-300

?0.51ml = ink cost of ?0.18

?0.47ml = ink cost of ?0.17


Now you can see why you can get lots more free prints initially with that extra 323ml (490ml given with the Canon TM-300, 167ml given with the HP T520) of FREE ink given with the Canon TM-300.Canon TM-300 Multi Use Sheet Stacker

Time is money!

The TM-300 can print 5 x A1 landscape CAD drawings in less than 3 minutes and stack them all neatly ready for use. The T520 takes over 5 minutes to complete the same job and the prints are dropped randomly into a catch basket ready for you to gather and sort out later.

Feed me!

Inks will need replacing?that?s a fact. But when it comes to feeding the printer, nobody should have to purchase replacement inks more often than is genuinely necessary. The TM-300?s ability to accept?130ml or 300ml size tanks dramatically reduces the frequency of replacement when compared to owning a T520, which takes 29ml Cyan, Magenta and Yellow and either 38ml or 80ml Black. On top of this with the TM-300 you have the flexibility to install ink cartridges of different sizes - we find a lot of people prefer to install a 300ml Matt Black alongside 130ml cartridges for the other colour channels.

With the Canon TM-300, when you do run out of ink the TM-300 has a ?hot-swap? ink tank system, so you can replace an empty ink tank during the middle of a print job. The T520 cancels the job when the ink runs out, wasting your valuable ink and paper. Printing will only start once the ink has been replaced.

In Conclusion

The Canon TM-300 offers amazing value for money and overall a much lower total cost of ownership. Not only is the cost of ink half the cost of the ink for the HP T520, the Canon TM-300 uses less ink to complete the same jobs too. The savings over the life of this printer could be vast.

Couple this with the fact that the Canon TM-300 utilises pigment ink technology, which means that the inks are water resistant and UV fade resistant; making it perfect for printing plans that can go out on-site as well as producing high quality posters and even outdoor banners for short term use.

The TM-300 is also the faster printer, saving you time. The Canon TM-300 can also accommodate a larger roll diameter, meaning you can fit longer rolls and make the most of the fact that these rolls offer much better value- saving you money again!

Learn More About The Canon TM-Series printers HERE.

Shop Canon TM-300 HERE.

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Price comparisons correct as of todays date 08/03/2019. Ink prices calculated using the smallest cartridge size for each printer. HP 711 inks calculated at 29ml at a cost of ?20.90. Canon PFI-120 inks calculated at 130ml at a cost of ?45.79.

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