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Canon PRO-Series Media Range

Canon PRO-series Media Range - Beyond Imagination

Canon has launched a full range of branded media to fit and suit the Canon PRO-Series range of printers

Entitled Beyond Imagination, the range is suitable for the following 8 & 12 colour models & encompasses a wide selection of media types for a variety of applications...

Canon PRO-series Print MediaHere's what Canon have to say about their new PRO-Series media range.....

Beyond Imagination

The imagePROGRAF PRO-Series printers have been designed to bring stunning images, quality to professional photographers and fine art applications while delivering fast and reliable printing to high-volume print service providers that require photo quality prints.

The powerful technology of the imagePROGRAF PRO-Series, not only provide incredible image reproduction but the small footprint makes them ideal for any office and design environments.

Finally, the imagePROGRAF PRO-Series featuring high quality imaging, ease of use operation, accuracy, high speed, colour vibrancy, efficient media handling and uninterrupted printing to support high volume outputs making the PRO-Series large-format printers ideal for both print-for-pay and print-for-use environments.


The Range


  • IJM260 Instant Dry Photo Paper Gloss 190gsm
  • IJM263 Instant Dry Photo Paper Satin 260gsm
  • 1929B Glossy Photo Quality Paper PEFC 300gsm

Premium Photo

  • 1109C Photo Paper Premium Pro Matte 210gsm
  • 1108C Photo Paper Pro Luster 260gsm
  • 1107C Photo Paper Pro Platinum 300gsm

Fine Art Paper

  • 1711C Fine Art Premium Smooth Paper 310gsm
  • IJM272C Fine Art Superior Smooth Cotton Paper 320gsm
  • IJM273C Fine Art Superior Textured Cotton Paper 320gsm


  • IJM417 Universal Poly Canvas 260gsm
  • 5000B Portrait Canvas 320gsm
  • 9172A Water Resistant Art Canvas 340gsm

Outdoor Applications

  • 2345C Water Resistant Self Adhesive Matte PP Film 290gsm
  • 2346C Water Resistant Matte Banner 480gsm
  • 2347C Water Resistant Self Adhesive Matte Vinyl 330gsm


  • 1569B Standard Paper 80gsm
  • 1570B Standard Paper FSC 90gsm
  • IJM022 Standard Plus Paper FSC 90gsm

Office Environment

  • IJM113 Premium Paper FSC 90gsm
  • IJM123 Premium Paper FSC 130gsm
  • 9178A High Resolution Barrier Paper 180gsm

Indoor PostersCanon PRO-Series Printing Paper

  • LFM093 Poster Paper 120gsm
  • IJM143 Premium Plus Paper 140gsm
  • IJM153 SmartMatt Paper FSC 180gsm


  • 4999B Front Prnt Backlit Film 145µm
  • IJM566 Backlit Film Front Print Matt 215µm

Roll Up

  • IJM366 PVC Display Film Matt 220µm
  • IJM367 Polyprop Light Block Film Matt 200µm
  • IJM368 Light Block Film Matt 255µm

Canon PRO-Series Wide Format Printing Media

It is worth noting the media sizes each printer can handle just to make sure you purchase a media width that fits your PRO-Series printer. Not all  of these ranges come in standard sizes or will fit all of the printers:

  • PRO-1000 - sheets only from 4" x 6" to A2
  • PRO-2000 - sheets from 8" to A1 and rolls from 297mm to 610mm
  • PRO-2100 - sheets from 8" to A1 and rolls from 297mm to 610mm
  • PRO-4000 / 4000S - sheets from 8" to A0 and rolls from 297mm to 1118mm
  • PRO-4100 / 4100S - sheets from 8" to A0 and rolls from 297mm to 1118mm
  • PRO-6000 / 6000S - sheets from 8" to A0 and rolls from 297mm to 1524mm
  • PRO-6100 / 6100S - sheets from 8" to A0 and rolls from 297mm to 1524mm

If you would like to know more about the versatile range of Canon PRO-Series printers or the PRO-Series media range give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Canon - Unleash the Power of Print

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