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Banners - What's In The Name?

banner People often just say they want a banner.? Well there are so many different sorts of banner media on which you can print. Here's an overview...

banners in use

An Important Note for Printing Banners

Media and machine compatability is key critical, as are selecting the correct print settings, especially when the banner is destined for outdoor usage.

Types of banners available

Pop up banner

These are rigid, printable banners and usually velcroed to exhibition stands.

For aqueous, eco sovent or latex ink systems.

pop up panel banner for exhibitions


Pop up banner

This type is a printed mesh fabric, used primarily for sports marketing.

For?eco solvent or latex ink systems.

pop up banner for sports marketing

Roller banner / roll up banner?

Roll Up Banner

These roll into a cassette and tend to be anti curl so they can also be used as a hanging banner.? They can be either PVC or polypropylene.

Roller banners can be grey backed, which means it has light stopping properties and can then be sited in any situation where light behind will not compromise the printed image.

Cheap roller banners are not grey backed. These are budget roller banners for throw away single usage.

There are also scuff resistant roller banners.

A high quality roller banner for using many times over, is usually over laminated to protect it and to ensure longevity.

Roller banners can be for aqueous, eco sovent or latex ink systems.

Self Adhesive Banner

self adhesive vinylUsually means SA vinyl or polyprop, which is a thin white, usually matt vinyl (80 mic). They can be printed on and then stuck to any smooth flat surface or even a curved exhibition wall.? Self Adhesive banners come with either a permanent adhesive or removable adhesive.? They are also available in gloss, but most people choose matt and then use a gloss laminate over the top for extra protection.? Printing on a self adhesive banner is not too tricky, but successfully adhering the finished print with no bubbles can be a practised process. Self adhesive vinyl can be stuck to foamboard or extruded plastic boards. Self adhesive vinyl is fine for outdoor use if printed with pigment, latex or solvent inks. The media you choose to print on must match the ink type for the printer you are using- i.e don't choose solvent media for an aqueous ink print system.

Self adhesive banners can be used for aqueous, eco sovent or latex ink systems.

Scrim Vinyl Banner

a very heavy (usually 450gsm) PVC plastic banner that can be hemmed and eyeletted for outdoor use.? It is made of a mesh about 1mm square which then is ?scrimmed? with the plastic surface making it very strong in windy weather.

For aqueous, eco sovent or latex ink systems.? As scrim banners are usually for outdoor use, laminating is common place.?

scrim banner GDSscrim banner roll

mesh bannerMesh Banner

Mesh banners are usually only for solvent ink printing. This is a printable fabric mesh, which needs to be hemmed.

For eco sovent and latex inks systems.

flag bannersFlag Banner or Feather flag

A flag banner is a printable fabric, which is then made into a flag.

Flag banners can be used with eco sovent and latex ink systems.

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