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GDS Compares the A1 Printers

Printer Model Comparison

We created this handy guide for those customers who are looking for an A1 Plotter, but can't decide which is going to be the best printer for them. We always try to deliver information in a way that is easy to understand and cuts through the over complicated specifications provided by the manufacturers.

Let's apply the KISS principle to plotters!

HP DesignJet (sometimes called DeskJet) T530 24” vs Canon TM-200

A1 plotter and A0 plotter comparison chart


A1 plotters comparison

T530 printers have a 2 year warranty as standard with extended warranties available with purchase for up to 5 years, TM-200 has a 1 year warranty as standard with extended warranties available with purchase for up to 5 years
    Both printers are wireless – for speed and quality, we recommend using these printers connected via USB or Ethernet. Both models are network ready and have USB and Ethernet ports.
The Canon runs long lasting, UV fade resistant, & water resistant Pigment based inks, the HP runs Dye based inks with no water or fade resistance apart from the MBK
Both printers are available from stock for next business day delivery.

The Canon has 5 colours – (matt black, black, cyan, magenta, yellow).  90ml starter size inks + 130ml MBK ship free with the printer – that’s 490ml free ink. Full size inks are 130ml or 300ml and can be mixed.

The HP printer has 4 colours – 1 x 38ml black and 3 x 29ml colours – 4 intro inks ship free with the printer.  That’s approx 125ml free ink.
The Canon is faster.
The Canon print quality is higher.
The Canon build quality is higher.
Both printers come with a free floor stand and print catch basket stand.
The T530 is slighter smaller, the TM-200 is slightly larger.
Both models offer roll feed up to 24”.
The Canon prints borderless (edge to edge with no margin) on photo roll media; the HP machine does not offer borderless printing.
The Canon is promoted by the manufacturer as a poster printer due to its excellent image quality. We only recommend the T530 for CAD work.
The T530 offers A4 and A3 sheets fed continuously from a cassette.  A2 and A1 are individually fed. On the Canon all sheets are individually fed.
The HP T530 takes rolls up to 50mt in CAD paper and 30mt in photo paper – on photo papers and heavier grade rolls the T530 is especially limited with a very small cavity around the spindle. There are only a limited amount of rolls that fit the HP T530. The Canon TM-200 takes rolls up to 175mt in CAD paper and 60mt in photo paper – it takes larger diameter rolls giving many more media options.
The Canon can handle 3 inch core media.  The HP can only handle 2” core media.
The Canon can print a banner up to 15mt long – longer than just standard sheet size.
Both models have drivers for Mac and Windows. The Canon comes with lots of free software such as Poster Artist Lite.
The Canon has nesting tools and accounting software onboard.
The Canon is a super workhorse that competes on build / print quality with higher range models than the T530.
The Canon TM-200 has a 2GB processing memory, the HP T530 has a 1GB processing memory - meaning the Canon can handle larger files.
  In our opiniion the T530 is not ideal for using with a scanner and we recommend the integrated HP T830 MFP model. The Canon TM-200 will work in conjunction with a scanner – see Canon L24ei.


View the printers and all their information by following the links below

       HP T530 A1 Printer

       Canon TM-200 A1 Printer 

So all in all, two excellent printers both capable of producing super quality CAD work and presentations, with the Canon TM-200 just topping the HP for display work with long lasting pigment inks, and print functionality with borderless print and nesting features.  The T530 remains a popular choice for customers with super limited space and low print volumes.

We recommend both for CAD and the Canon for that extra display work and posters!

If you need help and advice just give us a call on 01625 613548 and we'll gladly help.


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