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How To Change A Printhead - Canon PRO-Series Printer

With Canon PRO-Series printers it is a super simple procedure to replace the Printhead when the time comes.

The procedure we are going to show you applies to Canon PRO-2000, PRO-4000, PRO-4000S, PRO-6000 and PRO-6000S Large Format printer models (not PRO-1000).

You will need to make sure you have a new Printhead - part number PF-10, which can be found HERE.

You will need to have a roll of media installed for the last part of the procedure too, when the printer will print out a test pattern as part of the Printhead position adjustment process.

It is also a good idea to make sure that you have sufficient ink supplies and space in your maintenance tank before you begin, as ink will be used when the Printhead is replaced and some will go to the maintenance tank. A full list of supplies can be found HERE.

With Canon PRO-Series printers changing the Printhead is a simple process and no engineer call-out is required. See the video below for complete instructions to complete the process. Your new Printhead also comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.

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